New installation at Spécial Repass (France)

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LACO Company video

In this video you can see how we construct and build ironers / folders.
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New Hybrid ironer

We present to you our NEW ‘HYBRID’ LACO ironer.
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Trends Gazellen nomination

We are nominated in the category for the fastest growing companies in West Flandres!
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LACO Machinery builds Industrial ironers for Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals, nursing homes, small laundries, medium and big laundries.

All ironers are chest heated.

The ironer range has a capacity starting at 45 kg/hr. up to 1600 kg/hr.


Seco Machinery


We are happy to introduce our newest creation. The SECOMachinery-range. As opposed to the current LACO range with a high ‘industrial technology' factor, the SECOMachinery-range will target the broader market. More the commercial and professional market instead of the industrial applications.

The SECO Machinery, SEmi-industrial, C for chest and O for roll and M for machinery, range will appeal to all projects ranging from 30 to 80-100kg/hour not only in price, but also in quality, reliability, low maintenance and of course extremely low energy consumption. This range will still produce at an amazing 0,38kW/kg linen at 40-50% RM just like the existing LACO range. To compare average cylinder ironers are in the area of 0,90 to 1,10 depending on make and age. The critical parts such as chest and roll are always LACO technology.