Company Philosophy

LACO Machinery was established with the specific goal to provide chest ironers to small, medium size industrial laundries and OPL's such as hotels, nursing homes and hospitals with the high end high efficiency technology already apllied in the large industrial laundries. Namely the chest ironer.
LACO Machinery developped and patented the truly flexible single shell chest for gas and electro-heated ironers. LACO machinery was the first manufacturer to use this technology in combination with the high efficiency thermal oil pumps in self contained ironers. The super flexible chest was quickly recognized as a new standard of high quality ironing for smaller applications such as boutique hotels and up to 4 and 5 star hotels up to 400-500 rooms. Industrial laundries appreciate the efficiency and quality of LACO ironers on the smaller scale capacities 30-260kg/hour. LACO is slowly but steadily building it's reputation as a manufacturer of robust and dependable, quality and efficient ironing solutions.

We strive to be first class in several disciplines,



After a lot of demands from existing customers and distributors, we are now making industrial Ironers.
In this perspective, we are proud to announce you that the Laco production range has been extended with 2 or 3 roll ironers, having an ironing capacity up to 1450 kg/h.
All ironers are heated by Gas or Electricity and are equipped with a flexible chest.
Thanks to the revolutionary 'Air-Stream®' system, they are very energy saving and have a very low consumption.

The Steam heated ironers are made with very thick chests with hinges.
All machines are robust, long life built, very easy to install and have competitive prices.
Interested? Please let us know, you are more than welcome to visit us and make tests on our demo ironer line at the Laco factory.

Yours sincerely,
The Laco Machinery team


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